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How much do I feed?
By using fresh live green feedfreedom feed, it is easy to manage your pigs diets and provide them with everything they require. The general rule of thumb is as follows:
·         Weaning = 1 kg per day
·         Rearing = 2 kg per day
·         Fattening = 4 kg per day
·         Sow out of season = 4 kg per day
·         Sow in season = 8 kg per day
As Pigs only have one stomach, they generally do not require any additional roughage.
Click here for a guide to the Best FeedFreedom live green feed system
Pigs are sometimes raised in factory situations and show vast improvements in health and digestion with our live green feed.

Many farmers calculate their live green feed amount by using the percentage increase  of body weight required per day

FeedFreedom systems are great for feeding sheep, goats, pigs, alpacas and lamas. The low acid content of the barley sprouts makes the use of barley sprouts totally safe for all types of stock. Even the fussy eaters improve in condition and weight gains.

It has been noted that when feeding FeedFreedom Fodder Solutions barley sprouts to stock there have been:

• Exceptional growth rates

• Increased milk production

• Improvement in general appearance and fleece characteristics

• Better quality meat, colour and texture reported from butchers

• Supplies of high protein and energy from a small quantity of grain

• Increased hydration, less loss due to heat stress

• High digestible fibre, which is digested into volatile fatty acids & readily absorbed into the bloodstream as a source of energy

• Supplies of higher concentrations of bio-available minerals and vitamins, important for animal nutrition - compared to grain prior to sprouting

• Provision of adequate levels of essential amino acids and vitamins which encourages early breeding

• High digestibility - due to the fact that when grains are sprouted starch is converted into simple sugars, (primarily Maltose and Dextrins) since these sugars are easier to digest and take the pressure off the animals digestive system, the result is increased net available energy for your animals

• Reduction of the pressure of young stock on mothers, as they are able to eat and digest the sprouts from as young a 7 days old - resulting in healthier ewes or does with more milk and larger stock at foot.

• Reduced feed wastage


The Benefits of Feeding FeedFreedom Fodder Solutions Sprouts:


The amount of feed for pigs is determined by the breed, age, season, and size.

The advantage of utilising a FeedFreedom  Fodder Solutions system is it will produce according to your stocks needs.

Most breeds will consume around 2% of their body weight in barley sprouts, if energy load is higher, pregnant, lactating and fattening, this can be increased to suit.

Preparing Pigs for sale or just trying to hold your stock alive during drought. It is amazing how little sprouts are required to make a difference to the nutritional value of other feed stuffs.

Using the sprouts mat as the primary energy and protein feed for your stock removes the dependence for expensive processed feed & prime lucerne hay.

You are able to utilise grassy hay or even straw for roughage while feeding the sprouts due to their high digestibility.

Please call FeedFreedom for recommendations, you're very welcome

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