Save Hay Waste Now with Genuine Big Bale Buddy HaySaver Bags

Reduce hay waste with our FeedFreedom HaySaver bags ~ Available in Small and Extra Large sizes, made with a superb very durable, UV-resistant material to protect your bag and your hay from the elements.

HaySaver Bags

Efficient Hay Containment Solution
Save Money on Hay Waste
Extra Large for 1.8m diameter & Small for 1.2m diameter your Round Bales

Save Money on Hay

Reduce hay waste and save money with our FeedFreedom HaySaver bags. Durable, UV resistant, and available in two sizes for all your baling needs.

Our horses love the HaySaver bags! No more wasted hay and less mess in the barn.


The HaySaver bags are a game changer for us. Highly recommend them to all

Since using our FeedFreedom HaySaver bags, we've significantly reduced hay wastage. Great product.

Fantastic quality HaySaver bags have saved us time and money. A must-have for all livestock owners.